Samsung Watch in India: Less features, Same Price

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The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch is one of the most popular smartwatches on the market. It offers a variety of health-related features, including heart rate monitoring, ECG tracking, blood pressure monitoring, and sleep tracking. However, while it is important to note that these features are not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, it is also equally pertinent to note that most of these features are not available in India even though Samsung sells it at the same price!

Limited ECG and blood pressure monitoring in India

One of the main limitations of the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch in India is that the ECG and blood pressure monitoring features are not available. This is due to regulatory restrictions in India. The Samsung Health Monitor app, which is required for these features, is not approved for use in India.

As a result, users in India will not be able to use the ECG and blood pressure monitoring features of the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. This is a major limitation, as these features can be very useful for tracking heart health.

Samsung Pay only available on newer models

Earlier, Samsung Pay was disabled for all Galaxy Watches in India. However, recently Samsung has opened on Samsung Pay for Watch 4 & later models in India. Older Galaxy Watches still do not support this feature.


Samsung is not offering any discounts on its Watch series in India for not providing ECG & blood pressure related health features. While it may be a good idea to buy older Watch 4 during the sales season since they sell for a huge discount, it may not be worthwhile to buy the latest Watch 5 or Watch 6 at the full prices Samsung demands.