Buying Samsung Galaxy Watch From US? What to Expect?

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Many people prefer to buy new gadgets from US considering the high prices in India, and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is no exception. But would you get the features you expect from the US variant when used in India?

  1. Health Features: Samsung continued to disable health features such as ECG, Blood Pressure, etc on its smartwatches sold in India. Heck, Blood Pressure feature is still disabled even in US. However, the US variant has ECG enabled. Unfortunately when paired to a Samsung Galaxy phone in India, it automatically identifies the region as India (either through Samsung account or Google account), and the ECG feature does not function. There is a workaround available but it is not for the faint hearted.
  2. LTE: If you get a LTE variant from US, note that it supports very limited network bands for LTE/4G. In particular there is only the 850Mhz band which is used in India, but only by Jio. Hence, only Jio works on the Samsung Watch, whether it is Watch3 or Watch4 or Watch5, that too only on one band: 850Mhz. Other operators such as Airtel & Vi do not work on the phone – the Watch downloads the eSIM successfully but cannot find the network due to absence of supported bands