Motherboard Issues with Samsung M & A Series Exynos Phones

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There have been several complaints on Samsung Community Forum in India about certain Samsung phones becoming dead bricks. Samsung India is yet to revert on this issue but in the meantime, buyers of these devices are hitting a dead wall.

The phones which are affected and the issues are:

  • Samsung M-Series Phones such as M30, M30s, M31, M31s, M21
  • Samsung A-Series Phones such as A50
  • All affected phones run Samsung’s infamous Exynos 9610 & 9611
  • Affected phones get stuck at the Samsung boot logo or enter a boot loop
  • In many cases, the issue happens after installing a software update
  • In many cases, the issue is cropping up just after the expiry of the 12 month warranty term and the only support offered by Samsung India service centers is to change the motherboard by charging around Rs.8000 which is more than half of the device cost

Hope Samsung India offers repairs to these phones without charging a fee because device owners don’t seem to be at fault here. In the mean time, we recommend that users either don’t buy these devices, or if already purchased then opt for an extended warranty for these phones.