Where are the Android flagships worth buying disappearing?

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If you are an Android fan in India, you may have a delusion that there are so many Android flagships launching day in and out in the market. But if you glance closely, you will notice that there aren’t many Android flagships worth buying. This is why:

  1. Samsung doesn’t look like it wants to get over its Exynos obsession any time soon. Samsung’s flagships sell in India & Europe with its home made Exynos SoC instead of the more able Qualcomm Snapdragon. Exynos powered Samsung phones are woefully poor in battery consumption as well as performance and also cause over-heating!
  2. Google won’t sell its flagship Pixels in India. Google didn’t launch the Pixel 4 in India and has also announced that it will not sell Pixel 5 & Pixel 4a 5G in India.
  3. OnePlus has decided to change OxygenOS such that it moves away from its earlier stock Android-like look which everyone loved and will be borrowing design elements from OneUI for OxygenOS 11. Frankly OxygenOS is OnePlus’s only major USP which differentiates it from BBK’s own Oppo phones. OnePlus also comes with many smaller quirks which we have written about earlier.
  4. Chinese brands other than OnePlus aren’t even in my consideration set.
  5. Nokia doesn’t seem to want to launch any flagship anytime soon.
  6. Asus phones in the market (ROG Phone 3 and Zenfone 7) are extremely large and made for monstrous hands.

So which flagship phone is an Android user in India supposed to buy? Or is it time to switch to the “dark side” or the “walled garden” that is iOS?

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