The Price Conundrum in buying an iPhone

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Whenever any Android user thinks of switching to an iPhone, the biggest conundrum he faces is obviously the price. The prospective buyer gets lured with iPhone ads promising an iPhone for as low as ₹64,000 but this is what actually happens when he goes to buy an iPhone:

Buyer: Give me an iPhone 11

Shopkeeper: But it has a poor 720p LCD display

Buyer: In that case, give me an iPhone 11 Pro

Shopkeeper: But it has a small battery

Buyer: Then give me an iPhone 11 Pro Max

Shopkeeper: But the base version only has 64GB

Buyer: So then give me an iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB

Shopkeeper: That will be ₹123900

Buyer: Let it be. Just give me a POCO F1

And that’s how an Android user remains an Android user and does not switch to the “dark side”. Written slightly in a lighter vein but very much based on facts 🙂

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