OnePlus: When the Basics Go Wrong!

Having used OnePlus 6T followed by OnePlus 7 as my primary phones over the last 16 months or so, can’t say that I’m really looking forward to OnePlus 8. Not that OnePlus doesn’t offer value for money but just that they get basics all messed up! VoWiFi: OnePlus phones don’t consistently latch on to VoWiFi … Read more

The Price Conundrum in buying an iPhone

Whenever any Android user thinks of switching to an iPhone, the biggest conundrum he faces is obviously the price. The prospective buyer gets lured with iPhone ads promising an iPhone for as low as ₹64,000 but this is what actually happens when he goes to buy an iPhone: Buyer: Give me an iPhone 11 Shopkeeper: … Read more

What can the Apple iPad be used as?

Ever since Apple has announced the much hyped and anticipated iPad, everyone is trying to figure out what can the iPad be used as. For a change, even Apple fanboys don’t seem too impressed and Apple seems to have fallen short of expectations. Instead of making a smaller netbook, has Apple created a larger iPhone? Or possibly a larger iPod touch. We try to find out the best possible use of the Apple iPad.

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Can You Use a BlackBerry With a Generic Data Plan?

Blackberry on VodafonePlanning to buy that cool looking BlackBerry Bold or Storm you just noticed in the mobile store? Then prepare to pay more each month for the privilege of accessing your emails and surfing the internet. A BlackBerry data plan is one of the extras that many buyers don’t budget for when they purchase their new BlackBerry. And we are not referring to the generic data plan offered by your operator at a reasonable price; its the costlier BlackBerry data plan which your BlackBerry is best designed to work with.

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Why More Megapixels may actually Spoil your Pictures

Digital Cameras In order to convince you to buy a new digital camera, manufacturers are toeing the more-megapixels-are-better myth. But buyers of compact point & shoot cameras are slowly beginning to realise that buying a camera with higher megapixels does not necessarily improve the image quality. What they still don’t know is that more megapixels may actually spoil the image quality of your pictures!

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