Apple: Hindering Democratisation of Tech

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Apple recently launched the iPhone 14 series as well as the new Apple Watch
series and it is very evident that Apple is now differentiating its tech models
even more than before. Nothing wrong in that from a business perspective, just that the lower models across iPhone & Watch are now missing out on
certain basics one would expect in 2022!

Apple iPhone 14: It is fair that the Pro Series gets more advanced cameras. It
is probably even acceptable for the non-Pro series to get last year’s
processor, even though this is the first time Apple has done this. What is not
fine is:

  1. 60Hz Display: Apple’s iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus still offer only 60Hz
    refresh on its displays. The 120Hz displays are limited to the Pro Series.
    Even Xiaomi’s mid range phones priced around Rs.15,000 have 120Hz
    displays, that too for the last couple of years.
  2. Always On Display: The Always On Display is limited only to the Pro
    series. In fact even the iPhone 13 Pro series does not get it. Apple
    claims this is because the new Pro series displays offer refresh rate as
    low as 1Hz to save battery, but this is an untenable argument.

Apple Watch SE: It is fair that the Apple Watch 8 series gets advanced health
related features such as ECG, Blood Pressure, etc. What is not fine is:

  1. Always on Display: It is unthinkable that the Watch SE continues to not
    get Always On Display. That is the basic feature one would expect on
    any smartwatch.

Apple has indeed relegated the low end variants of both iPhone & Apple
Watch to unwanted territory.

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